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Summer is Coming (to Maine)

As hard as it may be to believe at the moment Summer will return to Maine. You can count on it, I will even guarantee it. I know that right now it may not seem like there is even such a thing as Summer in Maine, especially if you are like me and obsessively check the weather radar on Intellicast but as sure as there will be hurt feelings at town meeting, Summer will return to Maine. 

So you need to ask yourself if you will be ready to thoroughly enjoy this coming summer. Where will you spend it and how will you spend it? I try to set the tone for each of my summers by naming them. Like the Summer of Kayaking (last year) or the Summer of Going out on My Friend's New Boat (year before). The Summer of the Motorcycle went better than planned (I only broke a little bone in my ankle) but if the truth be told the Summer of Sausage was a big mistake and not to be repeated. Don't misunderstand me, it was a fantastic culinary experience but it took The Winter of the Salad, Treadmill and Gym to recover. So if you don't have a plan yet maybe you should consider this:






















Your own place on Penobscot Road in the village of New Harbor at Pemaquid Point. This is one of my favorite listings because it gives me the excuse opportunity to get out of the office, head down the peninsula, drive around the Pemaquid Loop Road, enjoy the surf from the comfort of my car, look out to Thrumcap Island, Inner and Outer Heron Islands and then visit the Pemaquid Lighthouse in person to make sure it hasn't moved since the last storm.

And Penobscot Road (in the village of New Harbor in the Town of Bristol) is a just a short walk to the Lighthouse, The Seagull Restaurant,  The Bradley Inn  and the Hotel Pemaquid. Not only that but Pemaquid Point sticks out far enough into the ocean that it always feels 10 to 15 degrees cooler during the hottest days of August and even a little bit warmer during the coldest days in January. You can jump on your bicycle and go to the Bristol Beach (the finest sand in three counties), pick up some beer food at Reilly's Market, hangout at Fort William Henry and imagine where you could hide if a 36 gun British Man-of-War entered the bay, or go to the Cupboard for the best chicken salad sandwich in Maine (sorry Mom).

The home on Penobscot Road is almost completely furnished. The owners have taken care of everything that ever needed fixing and painted everything that doesn't move so the new owners will have little to do but enjoy their Summer in Maine. TRIPODI29Of course there will be decisions to make, "should we go the Co-op for lobster or to Shaw's for clams?", "should we bring folding chairs down to the ROW (that means Right of Way) on the water and have a drink on the rocks and watch the sunset or just sit on the rocks?" Important stuff to be sure but certainly less taxing then deciding which contractor you want to spend the summer with while they put on a new roof.

If you have been waiting for the right time for the right house in the right location you owe it to yourself to come see if this home is it (it is). Homes that are in this condition are as rare as hen's teeth and usually much more expensive. But whatever you do remember this, Summer is Coming. Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing when it gets here? 

And one more thing. Do you want to see more pictures of this house? You know, inside, outside, the kitchen, the garage, the dining room? I just happen to have about 91 of them for your viewing pleasure. Just click HERE. Oh, and another thing. Did you want to see more details about the house? Here is the link to the home on Realtor.com. Of course you could always just contact me. Just click on my name below.

Tom Field


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