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Does it Snow a Lot in Maine?


   I moved to Damariscotta from Massachusetts in 1987.  Many of my family members still live there (sad but true).  It seems to be a yearly topic of interest among some of my 'southern New England dwelling' family members as to how much snow we are having to deal with here in Maine.  Anytime New England is receiving a snowstorm my family, especially my 86 year old mother, assumes that we are buried to our eyeballs "up there in Maine".  (she always asks, "are we keeping warm?" as well, as if we have no electricity or heat when it snows here.) Most storms on their way to us here in Maine go through Massachusetts.  My family in central and western Mass. usually get clobbered with several feet more snow than we get here.

   It's a question I often get from home buyers as well.  "Does it snow a lot in Maine?" they ask with some apprehension.  Now I can only speak for the mid coast area.  Inland and Northern Maine are a whole different story.  But my answer is, that in the 20+ years that I have lived here, most often we don't get enough snow to keep the snowmobilers and cross country skiers happy. Now, it's true, some years we do get hit- just like the rest of New England, but in general our proximity to the ocean creates more moderate temps along the coastal towns and very often when the city of Augusta (25 miles inland from Damariscotta-Newcastle) is getting a foot and a half of snow we are usually just getting 4 - 5 inches of the white stuff. We also hear the words "wintry mix" quite often, which can mean rain, ice, sleet, freezing rain etc.  OK, so maybe actual snow would be better!

   The biggest difference I have always noticed is that winters on the Maine coast last a bit longer than what I grew up with.  Definitely through March, sometimes well into April.  I can think of one year when there were still no buds on the trees yet in May. And there was one June where everyone in our office was still wearing turtlenecks and socks in mid June - but that was very unusual  and of course a week later we were all in sandals and shorts.

   So yes - spring can be an elusive season here in northern New England. Winter is not necessarily the toughest season but waiting for the "warm up" throughout spring can be!  Because those of us who live here know that when winter is finally gone and we see June, July, August September and October, even most of November stretched out ahead of us - there is no more beautiful place in the world.  A fantastic place to live, work and play and more than worth putting up with in the winter!

   Considering a move to Maine?  Call or email me.  Mortgage rates are low, home prices are low and the local banks are just waiting to lend. We'll get you into your new home in time to enjoy the spring!

Kathy Wyman 

Kathy Wyman - from the balmy Pemaquid Peninsula.


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