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What Does it Cost to Live In Maine?

2007_jim    Have you ever wondered about the cost of living someplace else? Perhaps here in Maine if you've always hoped to someday move here?  Or elsewhere if you're thinking of moving away?  (Hard to believe I know, but occasionally someone does leave.)

   Well the folks at CNN Money have put a neat Cost of Living Comparison Calculator up on their site.  If you put in the city where you presently live and work and then the city where you would like to live and work it will give a comparison of some of the major areas of expense that you can expect.  A word of warning, if you're not planning on moving to one of the major cities in a state you will need to make adjustments.  For example, in Maine only Portland and Bangor are listed.  Real estate prices in the Damariscotta-Pemaquid region will tend to be a little lower than Portland.  Follow the link above to check this out.

   Thanks and a tip of the hat to Dave Whitten at Maine Real Estate Blog who spotted this first.

Jim Cosgrove


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