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Halloween in the Twin Villages

Lea_halloweenintro    As a long time resident of Church Street, just off the village center (Damariscotta and Newcastle essentially share one downtown and are known as The Twin Villages), I always found Halloween to be one of the most fun nights of the entire year!

   We're a fairly rural area and the opportunities for kids to trick or treat aren't that great when houses are spread out. Many parents will bring their children in to the village and the Town of Damariscotta, in conjunction with the YMCA, arranges to get everyone together for a small parade.

   My first Halloween living on Church Street I expected to get lots of trick-or-treaters but I had no idea that we would see 170 ghosts, goblins and power rangers that night!  After the first hour, I had to send a friend out on a mad search for more candy at any store that might have a bag or two left.  Kids arrived in bunches of 5 or 10 at a time, leaves crunching as they walked along the sidewalk and up the walkway, parents waiting while the kids scrambled up the front porch.

   After that first year it became a real event for our family! I kept a note pad and pencil by the door and scratched hash marks on paper to quickly tally how many 'treaters' we had.  The second year it was 189.  The years' following it seemed to grow each year until we regularly got over 350 trick-or-treaters!!! Always afraid that I would run out, I started buying candy in mid summer if I saw a sale and would stash it away.

   Some of our elderly neighbors would give out a modest amount of candy, whatever they could afford, and when it was gone turn their lights out until the crowds were gone.  I decided that it was just one of the delights of living in town and tried to buy enough candy to last from the arrival of the really young ones at dusk until the last stragglers (who were probably really too old to be 'treating) around 8:30-9:00.

   Some years I would really get into the spirit by dressing up a little myself and answering the door in costume. One year I had a 10" tall 'beehive' hairdo that was bright pink, along with some of those real looking fake teeth that are all rotten!  I would answer the door and as I put treats in their bag would say, "see what happens if you eat too much candy?  Now be sure and brush your teeth tonight!"From_front_straight   The younger kids would look a little scared, take their candy and move away quickly. Their parents got a kick out of it however and I could just envision them later that night at the bathroom sink telling their kids to be sure and brush good so they don't wind up like that lady with the pink hair!

   I live outside of town now, my children are grown and I've opted for a smaller home but I do miss those Halloween nights!  If you'd like to talk more about the joys of living "in the village" please give me call.  There are some wonderful properties on the market and this is a great time to buy!

Kathy Wyman


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